7"O" Chemin de la Praye
1420 Braine L'Alleud

The tuners of Belgium

We are proud to count, in our team, experienced people who have been recognized by other professionals in this field. Our main actor is Laurent Dotremont, calibration engineer, who's tuning engines since 2006.

His background in automotive technologies comes from previous high level experiences as OEM calibration for emission and full load development on MB, Audi, Peugeot in Germany. But we can also count on his experience from automatic gearbox calibration at Aisin Europe on many different car brands, Hybrid system support at Imperia Automobile, Race support at VDS Racing team and many others.

Moreover, we are working with consultants and OEM people, which leads to the best result in development, investigation and new technologies knowledge.

That guarantees us to stay on the top level of ecu calibration.

Services provided by people from our team are also requested by famous companies.

Our mission

We are able to reply to your usual and/or specific requests, as special function development, Standalone ecu calibration, gearbox/hybrid/power test on dyno, fleet power/speed limitation, Fuel conversion, and so on. Feel free to ask us.

Our main mission is to accomplish your wishes with the best available quality.

Our facilities

Our Headquarter is based in Braine L’Alleud, Belgium.

We are happy to make our developments and tests on one of the best and most accurate rolling road available: The SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 AWD. This dynamometer allow us to measure all cars thanks to its synchronised transmission. It can perform all kinds of tests from inertia to braked measurement, with a free use of the brake (constant load, or acceleration and so on).

We are also equipped with the best diagnostic tools, combustion measurement tools and metrology tools.

Our partners

Working, now for a long time, with other tuners for special development purpose, a confident relation has grown, increasing speed and complexity of new development.

Also we are taking on new dealers who wish to work with us, and want to expand our work to other countries not covered yet.