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E3 Tuning box

After 2 years of development, we are proud to present our own additional box for your cars under warranty and for cars that are not available yet by traditional chiptuning.

The E3 Box is an electronic add-on box. Easily connected to your engine, it will guide it to more accurate performance, providing you with a greater driving pleasure and a lighter ecological footprint. The E3 Box is the safest way to increase your engine power, because it's the only tuning box with overheating protection.

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Why choose the E3 Tuning Box?


You’re always looking for more power and economy for your engine. At least we do. The E3 Performance Tuning Boxes will give you more power and torque, but they will also help you to reduce fuel consumption. Consumption is of course directly linked to the way you use your accelerator, but with our tuning box you don’t need to press so hard on the accelerator. That’s how the E3 Performance Tuning Boxes help you to reduce your ecological footprint.

And by the way, it’s fully compatible with a DPF (diesel particulate filter).

Easy install

The E3 Performance Tuning Boxes are easy to install and the installation is also easy to reverse. The E3 Performance box optimizes the manufacturer’s software without overwriting it. This means the diagnostic tool of your garage won’t ever find out about the tuning box, but more importantly: you can use the tuning box on your next car too.

The tuning box is reprogrammable for almost every car (manual, auto, gasoline, diesel); the only thing you need is matching wiring. 


Safety comes first. The E3 Performance Tuningbox gives you more power and torque, but it won’t affect the safety systems of your car, like ABS and ESP. All modifications made by the E3 Performance Tuningbox are within acceptable tolerances - to avoid extreme engine wear. This means the tuning box won’t shorten the life of your engine.

And did we already mention the fact that a car with more power and torque will provide you with a greater driving pleasure? 


Use the form below or contact us via We are here to help. You can also visit the E3 website for more information.